Portland residents are protesting plans by Portland Parks & Recreation to remove lights in city parks without having enough money to replace them immediately.

The bureau has already taken down some light poles following a Feb. 22 announcement that 243 poles in 12 parks have been declared structurally unsafe. That prompted criticism from representatives of the neighborhoods that include Colonel Summer Park and Sellwood Park during a March 9 meeting of the Southeast Uplift neighborhood coalition organization.

Jim Redden is a reporter based in Portland, Ore.

“I am a community journalist because that is where the greatest need is. There are many sources of information and opinion about international and national issues. But most people are more affected by what happens in their local communities. That is where they live, work and shop. That is where their children go to school. That is where their elected officials, business owners and labor leaders are most accessible. And that is why people need the most current information what is happening — or, more importantly, what is going to happen — in their communities. Providing accurate and up-to-date information that people need to make well-informed decisions on the issues they care about is what community journalism is all about.”

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