Songs by and for nerds: Doubleclicks get their geek on

Siblings Laser Malena-Webber (left) and Aubrey Turner have found much success as The Doubleclicks. The nerd music duo has been funded five times through Kickstarter campaigns since 2014, and Malena-Webber helps other groups attract crowdfunding.

It's 2019, and everything is good for Laser Malena-Webber.

Malena-Webber and sister Aubrey Turner, known as the Portland nerd duo The Doubleclicks, have a new album and a new tour that includes a trip to Europe, funded through yet another successful Kickstarter campaign. The Doubleclicks host the first Nerd Music Fest at Dante's, Saturday, July 27, welcoming three other top nerd bands and a deejay.