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Friday at around 10:30 AM (PST) we received a recovery request from La Dee Flats, where Josh while driving his Tacoma 2WD, got stuck in a tree root on trail #803.

July 7th, at 11:04 AM (PST), we received a recovery request from near Coos Bay, where Brandon Koch got stuck in soft sand in his Ford F150.

The ticket we received read: "Waited until daylight to Walk to get reception , car is slate color BMW 3 2018 series too much snow around to drive it . It's a rental . Began walking around 6:30 am Here is attachment of approximate location mar…

Tuesday, 8th at around 10:58 am, we received a recovery request from near Tillamook, OR, where Steven Bustamante was driving his 1998 Grand Cherokee drove up on the side of the road and flip his vehicle.

Friday at 8:43 pm (PST), we received a request for help from Max Martin, who got stuck in Bohemia Mountain while driving his Jeep XJ.

At around 4:09 pm, on February 10th, we received a recovery request submitted by Walker Devine, who was driving his Subaru Outback when he got stranded in an icy road near Bend.

Wednesday, at around 1:20 pm, we received a recovery request from Kyle, who was driving his 2wd pickup on a muddy road and got stuck while trying to turn around.

On Tuesday, January 4th, at 2:20 pm, we received a request from Casey Sadahiro, who had his truck Nissan Armada stuck on snow near Bend, OR.

Sunday at around 10:53 pm, we received a recovery request from Jacob Lupton who was near Lolo Pass when he lost traction and got stuck in the snow.

Sunday at 3:12 pm. we received a recovery request from Paula, who was with her family on a dirt road in Lane County west of the city of Eugene. They were driving a 2WD Chevy pickup. By the time they realize they were in trouble they tried to …

Saturday 5:44pm we received a request for a recovery from Caleb Pudewell, who was exploring near Scappoose with his AWD Ford Explorer when he lost traction at the bottom of a ravine next the power lines.

Sunday at around midnight we received a recovery request from Mt. Hood where Matthew Allridge driving his Ford Expedition got stuck in the snow.

Saturday at 12:52 pm, we received a recovery request from Kianna, who was driving in a small car in the south of Oregon a few miles from California when heavy rains made the road impassable.

Since last summer, La Dee Flats OHV closed due to the forest fires. Is now opened again…

We got invited to an event on Saturday August 7th, from 9 to 5 where we will be meeting new volunteers and offroading friends.

Miles Yohai sent a request for a recovery from the Wikiup reservoir at 19:52 pm. He drove a bit into the mud and got stuck as soon as it got muddy. He needed a come along to pull out using stumps in area and said, he didn't even need to risk …

Monday, 3:29 PM, We received a request from Johnathan Cason, who was over-landing in a secluded area near Oakridge on Highway 58 when he ran out of battery.

Thursday at 1:54 pm, we received a call on our emergency line from Nate Tate, who got stuck in his truck of Highway 66 near Klamath County outside of Lincoln, Oregon. He left the vehicle after getting high centered. He submitted the ticket us…

Thursday, 4:25 pm, we received a call on our emergency line asking for immediate help, we asked the caller to submit a ticket using our web app, so that we can capture, location, photos and notes for the volunteers.

Thursday, 2:22 pm, we received a recovery request from Holly Vaughan, who drove a rented jeep with her husband near Bend on a snowed road, and they got stranded.

Saturday was a pretty busy day. We received a total of 5 recoveries within a few hours. Some of the recoveries we were able to assist over the phone with tips and suggestions.

Monday, April 5th, at 4:27 pm, one of our members sent a request for help from Umpqua Beach #3, near Reedsport, OR. The requester, Brandon B, was stuck in the sand with a 20ft Thomas-built bus while camping.

Tuesday at 10:48 am, we received a recovery request from Vitaliy. His Jeep got stuck in Lolo Pass, with approximately 14? of snow. He explained in the ticket that he ended up damaging the front U-Joint after multiple attempts to try getting it out.

Our weekend started on Thursday when Jennie P. submitted a recovery request for her boyfriend, who drove his Jeep near Big Mud Flat Ranch, eastern Oregon, and got himself stuck in the mud.

At 11 am, on Sunday, Ronald submitted a recovery request. He got stranded eight miles south on NF 17, off-highway 380. 4 miles east of Post. Oregon. He was driving a Ford F350 4×4 XLT maroon.

In one day, last Thursday, we got three recoveries submitted within hours of each other.

Around 9 am, on Friday, we received a recovery request from the southern region of Oregon. Brian was driving his Infinity Fx35 when his vehicle sunk into the deep snow losing traction on the passenger side of it.

In the past few days, we were quite busy working in our system, making improvements but also making recoveries all over Oregon.

Thursday 10:44 am, we received a ticket from Shad reporting his fellow driver, David, was driving near Gold Hill on private property when their service truck skid off the muddy main dirt road into the ditch.

She knew her dad was in trouble, with a low cell signal, stranded with a heavy F350. Tabatha, the daughter, immediately jumped into action, looking for help on social media. She didn't have the exact location, and it was hard to figure out wh…

Saturday afternoon, we received a ticket for a request for recovery near Carlton. The admins were told this was a recovery for very experienced members. So the criteria used was to activate everybody in Washington County with a winch and leve…