A few quick recoveries

Photo of truck stranded in Southern Oregon

Although none of these recoveries were like the glamorous ones we always remember, for the people needing help, I'm sure these were EPIC.

Sunday, we had Crystal, who requested help from Browns Camp, near Salmonberry River, but we could not reach them. We assigned the ticket and submitted it to a bunch of volunteers in the hopes they might be able to find them, but the description was too vague. Finally, Ran was able to talk to them the following day and confirm they were ok. Still, our volunteers covered miles looking for them.\Monday, we received a request from Mark, who had to leave an RV, in Browns Camp because it got covered in snow and could get to it without help. In this case, we had Reco with his big F350 help pull that RV from frozen ground to HWY 26. By 7pm, they were done.