You know the old saying: “Fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice, well, you must be a magician.”

Actually, it’s not a saying, but it applies to the good magicians everywhere, who seemingly fool people into believing there must be some kind of sorcery involved — and not sleight of hand, technique, engineering, showmanship, mind reading and skills.


“In our roles as news gatherers, reporters and editors, we have a responsibility to be informative, fair and entertaining, while also being clear and concise with our stories. In Portland, it’s all about delivering news that readers want to read about, while also covering news that needs to be covered.

“We also want to be competitive against other news media outlets, and provide Portland Tribune and Pamplin Media Group readers with quality stories they can’t read elsewhere — or do a better job on stories covered by our competitors. “With the Tribune’s Metro Life section, it’s our goal to publish stories and photos that not only catch the eye, but keep the eyes of readers while making them think and feel. Through our website and newspaper pages, we strive to do a variety of stories from many different walks of life. Human interest stories, we call them."

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