Far-right protesters disrupt Oregon legislature special session

State police block an entryway to the Oregon Capitol on Monday, Dec. 21, as far-right protesters attempt to gain access during a one-day special session of the Legislature.

A special legislative session at the Oregon Capitol got off to a chaotic start on Monday, Dec. 21, with far-right protesters storming the statehouse while calling on lawmakers and the governor to reopen the state economy and end the restrictions aimed at curbing the coronavirus.

Oregon State Police declared an unlawful assembly as a growing number of protesters pushed their way through the Capitol doors chanting, "let us in" and "arrest Kate Brown." Police officers donned gas masks as they squared off with protesters, some of whom carried firearms and bear spray, and many of whom were not wearing masks. Among the protesters were members of Patriot Prayer, a far-right group based in Vancouver, Washington, that attracts white supremacists and has engaged in violence.