Nine members of the Oregon Legislature have formed the state’s first-ever Arts and Culture Caucus. The seven Democrats and two Republicans will research the arts and try and inform other members of the Oregon statehouse.

Rep. Rob Nosse (D-Portland), who coordinated the Arts and Culture Caucus’ inaugural membership, told Pamplin Media that large caucuses in Salem include the BIPOC and Coastal caucuses. Nosse said they had not had an arts caucus before, but lately they have been hearing a lot from people in the arts. “The sector is doing a better job of engaging us and revealing the challenged,” he said.


“As a reporter, my job has changed a lot in the last five years, but telling readable, entertaining stories remains my goal. I believe: 1. Local news carries as much weight as national news. 2. News should be like a utility. We would complain if our drinking water was brown, our Wi-Fi was spotty, or our electricity kept going out. So, we need to know our news sources are legitimate and factual, rather than being a patchwork of friends’ opinions on social media. 3. And finally, you gets what you pays for.  Also, as a volunteer, I produce and present Art Focus on KBOO radio 90.7 FM as my way of keeping visual arts coverage alive.

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