Polystyrene container ban goes to governor

Single-use polystyrene food containers, as pictured above, would be barred in Oregon staring in 2025 under a bill that is on its way to Gov. Tina Kotek. The Oregon House voted Wednesday, April 26, to pass Senate Bill 543 and a companion in Senate Bill 545 that empowers the Oregon Health Authority to write rules for restaurants to fill customer-owned containers with food.

Single-use polystyrene food containers would be a thing of the past under legislation that the Oregon House sent to Gov. Tina Kotek.

Such containers would be phased out by 2025 under Senate Bill 543, which the House passed Wednesday, April 26, on a 40-18 vote. Minutes later, the House gave final legislative approval (39-17) for a companion, Senate Bill 545, which empowers the Oregon Health Authority to write rules allowing restaurants to fill consumer-owned containers with food.

Peter Wong covers Oregon politics for Pamplin Media Group.


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