Your City Hall: Density plans to be previewed by council

A slide from the Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability briefing on the Housing Opportinities Initiative.

WHAT IS HAPPENING? The City Council will be briefed on three current plans related to residential density increases on Tuesday, Sept. 3. Two are intended to encourage and manage future density increases. The third is an effort to reduce, if not prevent, residents being forced out of their homes because of the increases.

The plans are being drafted by the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability, which is updating them together for the council under the title "Housing Opportunities Initiative." The briefing will take place during a 9:30 a.m. work session at which public testimony is not allowed. Anyone can attend the session at the Council Chambers in City Hall. It also will be shown live on community TV and on the city's website, where it also can be watched later.