Zombie houses and the mysterious Mr. Yee

Milwaukie city staff needed four days and 20 truckloads to clear the junk from a property where Norman Yee was a resident, including 10 riding lawn mowers and 81 pieces of gas-powered lawn equipment.

Paint is flaking on the house at 8517 N. Portsmouth Ave. The lawn is thick with shoulder-high weeds. The vacant house stands in stark contrast to other well-kept homes along the street.

One neighbor has lived on this block for 50 years and calls himself a victim of the property, which has sat vacant for the past 20 years. He has seen opossums, raccoons and rats living in the house. Groups of squatters have moved in and out. Once he saw a shirtless, barefooted man leap from a second-story window after accidentally starting a fire. He is fairly certain the man was smoking crack upstairs.