Lisa M. Zurk

January 13, 1962 – January 12, 2020 - Lisa M Zurk left us all suddenly on January 12, 2022, while achieving just about everything. Lisa grew up in Needham, MA with her loving parents Dan and Romayne and brother, Steven. Lisa was into STEM studies way before it was even cool. After completing her B.S. at UMass and Masters at Northeastern, she headed West to Oregon with her husband Michel Pinton, camping the whole way out, reflecting on the beauty of America.

Lisa was awarded her Ph.D. at UW in 1995 and they returned to New England for a decade while Lisa worked interesting things at MIT Lincoln Labs. From the outskirts of Boston they enjoyed family, cooking and hosting, gardening, travelling the world, and a lot of soccer. The beauty of the Northwest once again called, and Lisa accepted a professorship at Portland State University in 2005. There she founded the NEAR lab, specializing in advancements in sensing and acoustic sciences that spawned a generation of brilliant scientists.