A cancer diagnosis is life changing. As a community oncologist, I’ve dedicated my life’s work to lessen the burden of this disease. For over twenty years, I’ve worked alongside multi-specialty oncologists at an independent, physician-owned oncology practice providing care to over 20,000 patients annually.

Independent cancer centers like ours are a vital component of Oregon’s medical infrastructure. For the individual cancer patient and their families, there are many burdens associated with receiving treatment. Receiving their treatment close to home in community-based cancer centers lightens this burden for many patients. This can be especially important in the most rural and underserved parts of Oregon. Furthermore, receiving chemotherapy or radiation in independent practices is the least expensive option for patients and helps them avoid the financial strain cancer brings to those affected.

Dr. Scott Rushing specializes in gynecologic oncology with advanced expertise in minimally invasive robotic surgery. He has practiced at Compass Oncology for over twenty years and presently serves as the practice president.