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Well, now that the City of Portland has finally decided to have camping areas for the homeless, the City leaders really shouldn't pat themselves on the back too much. This same idea was suggested several years ago by developer Homer Williams …

Antisemitism has no place in Oregon. Hate has no place in Oregon. We are a community that values diversity and stands united with our Jewish brothers and sisters. We have witnessed this rise in antisemitic attacks worldwide. We cannot be pass…

Reports indicate that the Regional Arts and Culture Council has recommended that the statue of Abraham Lincoln should not be returned to its place in the South Park Blocks. I hope that Commissioner Carmen Rubio, who oversees the city’s parks …

Oregon Gov. Tina Kotek has rightly announced she will declare a housing state of emergency in Oregon on her first day in office. State lawmakers also have identified the housing crisis as a top priority for the 2023 legislative session.

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