My View: Metro's regional venues attract visitors, produce millions in tax revenue

Events like the Portland Auto Show at the Oregon Convention Center fueled the economic impact of Metro's venues.

Metro provide economic and social benefits to the region through Portland'5 Centers for the Arts, the Oregon Convention Center, Portland Expo Center and the Oregon Zoo. More than 3.5 million visitors attend the 1,445 events which translates to $878 million in spending, 8,470 jobs and $33.3 million in tax revenue.

Portland'5 Centers for the Arts develops culturally relevant programming to celebrate diversity and broadens access to the performing arts for people of all means, cultures, and ethnicities as well as provides access and engagement through educational programs to more than 13,000 Title-I school students in Multnomah, Clackamas and Washington counties at no cost to the schools. Curriculums are provided in advance that deepen the value of the experiences with discussion topics ranging from the roots of jazz to the complex issue around race and unconscious biases. For most, it is their first time seeing a performance.